How are Song of Solomon products different to other "natural" products?

Our products are 100% natural and are formulated with a powerful blend of herbs, botanicals, butters and oils.

Our serums and balms are made with oils that have been infused with different plants in order to target particular areas of concern.

Unlike other "natural" products, we do not use any preservatives as our products are waterless and do not require any additives to keep them stable. This makes us completely natural and potently concentrated. Our products last at least 4x longer than water based products therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

Why are Song of Solomon products waterless?

We believe that the current skincare market needs a little shaking. No more watered down products!

Most lotion/cream formulas contain up to 85% water. This means that once the water evaporates, you are left with a small amount of diluted actives and useless (and often damaging) fillers.

If waterless products are so good, why don't all skincare companies go waterless? 

It's simple. Water is a very cheap ingredient. Waterless products are a lot more expensive to formulate as they are chock full of butters, oils and botanical extracts.

Do Song of Solomon products contain organic ingredients?

We use certified organic ingredients wherever possible. Otherwise, the ingredients we use are raw, unrefined, cold pressed or wildcrafted.

All the ingredients we use are of the highest quality and completely natural including our:

just to name a few.

Does Song of Solomon have products for oily skin?

Yes. the "Flawless" range is developed to gently cleanse and nourish oily skin without stripping it with harsh chemicals, foaming agents or alcohol. These chemicals actually make the skin overproduce oil to make up for the fact that it has been stripped.

Is putting oil on my skin going to make me break out?

No. This is a commonly believed myth. The top layer of your skin (the lipid layer) is anti-bacterial and is there to protect your skin from premature ageing and breakouts. All Song of Solomon oils help to preserve and nourish this vital layer of skin.

Are Song of Solomon products safe during pregnancy?

Every women is wonderfully different and because of this each woman responds differently to different plants or essential oils while they are pregnant. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to talk to your holistic doctor. 

Having said that, we do not use any toxins, preservatives or endocrine disruptors of any kind and have many pregnant women who use our products.

Why does my product look or smell different from last time?

Our formulas always remain the same, but as they are freshly made in small batches, you may see very slight variations if you have keen senses. As our products are completely natural, sometimes sudden temperature changes may cause slight variations in the products.

Sometimes you may find small, white looking balls or crystals in your balm. This is completely natural and occurs due to the crystallisation of our raw, unrefined organic shea butter. This happens when there is a sudden temperature increase and the shea butter partially melts and then cools down, forming crystals. This does not impact the quality or usability of the balm and the crystals will melt immediately upon contact with skin.

What if I have plant allergies or react to product easily?

We recommend that you read the ingredients carefully to see if there is anything you know that you are allergic to. 

Always do a patch test on your arm and discontinue use if, in the unlikely event, you have a reaction. 

Sometimes, if you have been using synthetic products for a long time, your body may go through a detox period when transitioning to natural products. Those reactions are also uncommon, but feel free to email us if you have any concerns.

Are Song of Solomon products tested on animals?

No, never!

Are your products made in Australia?

Yes, we are completely 100% Australian made and owned.

What is the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life of each product can be found on our website under each product description. These are very conservative estimates and often our products are stable for longer than stated.

To preserve the shelf life of your product, please keep them away from water.

How fast will my order arrive?

All our products are freshly made to order. We endeavour to process all orders within 72 hours. This may vary according to periods of high demand eg Christmas. We currently use Australia Post to despatch all orders.

How much is shipping?

All orders under $100 are charged at a flat rate of $12 for EXPRESS shipping. All orders $100 or over qualify for free shipping. This will be calculated automatically for you.

 Do you offer samples?

We do not sell individual samples at this time. We do include free samples with every online order.

How do I store my products?

Keep products in a cool, dry place at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Please use clean dry fingers or a spatula to scoop product out of jars.

To preserve the shelf life of your product, please keep them away from water.


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