We are a family company based on the values of honesty, purity and generosity. 

We believe that God has provided us with an abundance of healing plants and oils which He intended for us to use. Our products are completely natural and are formulated with a myriad of herbs, powerhouse oils, supercritical extracts and restorative rich plant butters which address specific skin concerns.

Song of Solomon was born out of much prayer and as a result of a real need in our family. Three out of our five children suffered from eczema. We didn't like the idea of continually applying commercial eczema creams that had very questionable ingredients in them and were potentially doing more harm than good. We also found that the "natural" creams targeted towards eczema were highly diluted (either with water or aloe juice) and just didn't cut it! 

After the birth of our third child, I developed Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (an auto-immune disease), adrenal fatigue, adenomyosis, anaemia and chemical sensitivity (phew!). I was always completely drained of energy, my body was dehydrated and depleted of essential nutrients and it all showed up on my skin.

I had no choice but to cut out all skincare, cosmetics and personal care products that had preservatives, parabens, sulphates or other synthetic ingredients. After a few weeks of doing exactly that, I saw improvements but I was in search of something more.

Eight years later, six years worth of research and development and a whole lot of prayer, Song of Solomon was born in 2013, backed by testimonials from family and friends. My deep desire to help people who found themselves in similar situations, led me to using my Commerce/Law degree in an unexpected way.

Fast forward to 2021 and we have a new look with vibrant colours, aromas and textures with a focus on eco-sustainability. Our inspiration for this sensorial explosion is twofold. Firstly, it is to give glory to God, the Master Creator showcasing His beauty and truth. The second inspiration comes in the form of our 5th child Ezekiel. Ezekiel has severe autism and is non-verbal. He loves colours and geometric shapes. We designed our laser cut artwork to reflect this and imbued all our formulas with vibrant, all natural colours! 

Our company name is based on one of the most beautiful books in the Bible- a prophetic love song sung from God’s heart to us- his beloved creation.


Our artisanal range of products are lovingly made by hand and fresh to order with the highest quality ingredients in their rawest, most purest state (either organic or wildcrafted). We believe that skincare should be therapeutic, luxurious and safe. Literally, safe enough to eat!

Unlike many products on the market labelled “natural”, we truly are as our products contain ABSOLUTELY NO preservatives, no perfumes, sulphates, parabens or synthetic ingredients. NO TOXINS…EVER!

How can we achieve this? It’s simple, all our products are waterless, so that preservatives and other additives are not required to keep them stable unlike other commercial products which contain up to 85% water. Once the water evaporates, you are left with fillers and a very small amount of “the good stuff” as well as stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Song of Solomon creams, cleansers and balms are saturated with 100% goodness. Instead of water as our base, we use botanical extracts and oils that are full of vitamins and antioxidants that work to hydrate and revitalise your skin for a radiant complexion.

In short, by going waterless, you are getting a more concentrated and hydrating skincare product that also lasts a lot longer. High-concentration formulas also mean less consumption, packaging and transportation – so you can love the environment as much as you love your skin!

Our entire production process, from R&D, artwork, manufacturing, IT and packaging are all performed in house. We are proudly 100% Australian made and owned!

We are privileged to be able to offer these skin loving products to you and are committed to delivering highly effective, 100% natural solutions for all your skin care and beauty needs.

SOS Team xx

 "The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship.
Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make Him known." 
Psalm 19:1-2