"Banksia" Mini Aroma Pod Diffuser Set
"Banksia" Mini Aroma Pod Diffuser Set "Banksia" Mini Aroma Pod Diffuser Set
Banksia Mini Aroma Pod Diffuser Set
3 piece set / $65


Limited Edition Set. Only while stocks last!

Individually hand turned from the Australian Banksia seed pod of the Banksia Grandis tree, this unique, all natural and eco friendly mini diffuser and matching pod holder will bring the Aussie bush into your home. 

A beautiful blend of Australian native aromas is released through the holes in the highly porous pod without the need for electricity or water, making it the perfect sustainable gift! 

This beautifully boxed gift set contains the following items:

  • Mini Banksia Seed Pod
  • Banksia Pod Holder/Coaster
  • "Native" Essential Oil Blend (15ml)

Please note, the pod will release a very subtle aroma and is suitable for small spaces such as the powder room, wardrobes, on your bedside table or a work desk.


Simply remove the cork from the top of the pod and place around 20 drops of the "Native" Essential Oil Blend into the hole. Place the cork back in the hole at the top of the pod. Allow for the oil to soak into the pod and begin diffusing any small room.

Refresh weekly with an extra few drops of essential oil or whenever needed. 


Banksia Grandis Seed Pod, Essential Oils of; Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus Australiana, Mandarin, Niaouli, Neroli, Rosalina, Eucalyptus Peppermint Gum & Nerolina.